Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The view from here...

This is what I see everyday as I sit in purgatory the car line at school. I am not at the front of the line. To be at the front of the line you have to arrive approximately one hour before school lets out. I like my car line knitting time, but not that much!

Next we see Rogue. In all her half-hooded glory. I did a whole ws row on her, before I realized I had no cable needle. And the no-needle cable is not on my list of mad skillz.

Fortunately I am a knitter with forethought. Witness the back-up project. Toe-up sock it to me springtime socks on two circs...

Finally we see a beautiful sight. An artfully arranged sock yarn basket with four new colors/styles of sock yarn added from Knitpicks.

The hydrangea (blue/pink/purple) you see there is the cursed sock yarn. All the other knitpicks sock yarn is new. Including the two mammoth hanks of dye your own. There is kool-aid in my future. Lots of kool-aid. I'm thinking a pink lemonade theme - pale pink, yellow, maybe a bit of muted orange... Not sure about the other hank yet.


keohinani said...

man, before i learned the "cable without a cable needle" method, i had to get really creative about finding something to hold the stitches. i've used bobby pins, pen caps, toothpicks, safety pins, paper clips, other needles in a different (but manageable) size, hair rubberbands, nails/screws (lying around or temporarily dislodged for the sake of my knitting)...i must've been the knitting macguyver! but yeah, took me a while to get the whole "cable without a cable needle" thing.
nice sock yarn selection! i've only tried one sock yarn from KnitPicks - sock memories in the Hawaii colorway. i really do like the dye your own stuff. :) i always liked kool-aid; now i LOOOOOOVE it!
anywho, great post :) have a happy hump day!

Lolly said...

Great haul from KnitPicks!