Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The olympic equivalent of...

I guess you could say I'm *this* close to being disqualified. Six days have been marked off of the Olympic Knitting Calendar. And I've only knit about 25% of my Sitcom Chic. I didn't take another picture, because quite honestly folks, there's nothing to see. Why didn't anyone tell me that knitting Sitcom Chic would be mind-numbingly boring??? I mean the sweater is a cutie. That's for sure. But the knitting itself is snooze-a-rama as only miles of stockinette could be. I can't even bring myself to think about the sleeves.

To make matters worse, the TV is conspiring against me. I thought that if there was interesting stuff on, I could knit through the boredom. But no.... Gilmore Girls was inspid this week *yawn* and then Supernatural and Lost did a double whammy on me. They had lots of grossness. (Gross is relative I know. It was gross to me.) So I had to close my eyes a lot. And while I can knit without looking, for some reason closing my eyes totally throws me off. Why? Who knows.

But I have done some very good knitterly things. Oh yes. The fifth FO of 2006, first in all it's glory blocking...

And then hanging out on the bed. Because yes I wore it today, but no, I am not showing you the oh so popular shawl shot. You know the one. Where they hold it up behind them with arms spread wide and someone takes a picture of their ass. You do not wanna see a picture of my ass. We are in the process of reducing said ass and we do not really need to see it to know that it is big.

The true color is somewhere in between the blocking "natural light" shot and the boudoir (flash) shot.

Project: Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark (Fibertrends)
Yarn: Zephyr Jaegerspun, two 2 oz. cakes, 630 yards each, held doubled
Needles: Size 7 Crystal Palace circs, 32 or 35 inches
Notes: The zephyr is to die for. Except for the fricking, fracking knots. I literally screamed out loud (once in the yarn store) when I found the last two. It really pissed me off that there were so many (at least 7) knots in the one cake. The CP needles though worked like a charm. Much better than the addis I've been attempting to use for lace. I did 12 repeats of rows 31-40. When all was said and done I only had 6g (out of about 112g) of the yarn leftover.

Please don't tell the knitting police about my Olympic failure so far. And Beth, to make matters worse, I'm giving serious though to finally finishing Rogue by adding the zipper and attaching the sleeves. I'm hopeless.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Regarding Unsupervised Husbands...

If you wonder what will happen if you leave your husband alone at home to participate in the Knitting Olympics...

Friday night I hit the LYS to cast on for my sitcom chic. It was good. When I got home the man was doing laundry. Seems like a considerate thing, no?


Just so you know, Big J is not mad because he has a brand new pair of fuzzy feet, that used to be his mama's before Big Daddy got ahold of them. No. He's mad because apparently I made him sit in a girl pose to take the picture.

On Saturday the man took the boys out to buy Valentine's presents -- supposedly for me. I went jeans shopping (yay for clearance) and then back to the LYS to work on my olympic project. I get a call. He's looking at aquariums and he starts rattling off sizes and prices. And I'm like, honey, it's your bonus, buy whatever you want.

Overnight it got all ph happy. And today we will pick up some of the hardier fish I guess.

You know the moral of the story.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

If I didn't know better...

I'd say he loves them. Them being the fourth true FO of 2006. As in I had to weave in ends and wash them. He actually helped me smooth them out.

Project: Socks
Yarn: Knitpicks Parade in Forest, maybe a skein and a quarter
Needles: Size 2 addis

And then we trained. Trained hard I tell you. There was swatching, there was sweating, there was measuring. Ok, so there wasn't any sweating. It's not really hot here today.

Bubblegum Pink. I tell you what. I'm gonna nickname this sweater Hubba Bubba.

I have made a decision.

Yes I have. And to support my decision, I have also made a button.

It's a simple button. But it's my button. Plus I have that exact shade of cotton ease to do my sweater in. So next we swatch.

Last Minute Louie....

Aka a later gator. Procrastinator extraordinaire. That would be me. I *still* have not selected a project for the Knitting Olympics. I'm feeling a bit guilty though because I still haven't knitted man socks. Or boy #1 socks. Boy #2 has socks. But that's it. So it may just be that I try to finish boy #1 socks, and then do the man socks as my KO project. I got the book Sensational Socks and the man loves all the cable patterns. Trouble is, I don't know if the yarn I have is enough for cabled man socks. I might run out. Which would be sucktastic and awful.

The real challenge this morning is to get off my duff, take a shower and get the day going. The more time I spend lollygagging on the internet, the less time I have to knit.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

A severe case of finaphobia

I'm working on repeat 11 of my leaf lace shawl. The plan is 12 repeats and then edging. It's getting closer. The taste of victory. So would you like to know what I did yesterday? Ahhh yes.

I went to the "other" LYS. I petted a bunch of dk weight yarns. I bought a couple of balls of perle 8 cotton. I want to make another sort of cuff or bracelet with beads. They had lovely silver perle 8. Yummy!

Then I went to the LYS. The one I prefer. I petted more dk yarns. The owner was kind enough to let me see the pattern on her computer so that I could decide which one was best. I ended buying a ball of cascade indulgence in a lovely shade of muted wine. And some 16" size 5 circs. And I came home and strung beads and cast on.


Why would I cast on for a new project, with money I really shouldn't have spent, and needles I had to buy, instead of working on any of the million UFO's I have floating around in my house? Besides, this is freaking Florida. I don't need a hat. Like ever.

I'm attributing it to finaphobia. The fear of finishing things. Yes, oh yes, I made that word up. I felt it was justified.