Monday, April 30, 2007

Sock Block

Nope, not sock blockers or sock blocking. Sock Block. One might compare it to writer's block.

I have too much sock yarn. Some of which I will never knit, like the umpteen balls of sockotta. But right now I need a pair of socks for my carry around project. So I did the entire cuff of a Friday Harbor Sock in my beloved Copper Beach Collinette Jitterbug. Wrong needles (too big) and wrong cast-on number (too small). I feel like Goldilocks here. I can't find just right for this yarn. And just for fun, let us not forget that the jitterbug is a little stingy with the yardage. And I have big feet. Shaddup. I'm 5'10", if I didn't have big feet I would constantly be falling over.

But wait. There is temptation in the house. Two skeins of this beautiful heathered Shelridge Farm sock yarn. Turquoise & smoky purple heathered. Beyond gorgeous. My wonderful secret pal Llamabean sent it to me. (Yes, I know. You want pictures. Tell my camera that. I think she ran away and joined the circus.) But seriously, it's so beautiful. And the only reason I'm not knitting that right this minute is that it's in skeins and I don't have a ballwinder.

Other things I should be doing instead of looking for a pattern for my jitterbug include: final review for my American History Exam, packing, packing, doing laundry, and possibly scratching all my skeeter bites from this weekend camping.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I have good news!

I worked on my Icarus shawl last night for awhile. I went from 80% done to 86% done. Which means I could totally finish it up this Friday! Of course I need to prioritize a few other things. But it's alright.

If the sun comes out today, I swear I will take some pictures. Maybe even interesting ones.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The tentacles of bad luck....

The tentacles of bad luck reached out and grabbed me. Yesterday, was of course, Friday the 13th. I don't believe in that nonsense. And I got through the day just fine, thank you.

Until I went hunting for my camera (which I found) and the last bag of knitting stuff I took to the store yesterday (which I did NOT find).

I threw a bag of knitting stuff away. My vera bradley notions case is gone. Along with some very precious notions and presents. And I can't remember all of the projects I took the the yarn store yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I threw away a couple of projects.

My husband is really good about taking the trash out. So that bag has already hit the dumpster. For a 13 building, 300+ unit complex. A dumpster that compacts everything very regularly.

Did I mention I live in building 13?

Fridays are for finishing?

Yesterday I made a plan. The early hours at the yarnstore seem to be slow, so I was on a finishing mission. You know, all those projects that are "nearly done"? Not to be confused with nearly dead.

So I finished stuff. I finished the daffodil, by putting some stitches in the petals for some artful arrangement. Now all it needs is a vase. I finished the first of my joyful socks. And then I finished my ballband washcloth.

Yes, I know you want pictures. I'll get to it. As soon as I can put on some pants (they are in the dryer) and go down to my car.

I also did ALL of the knitting for the blooms bracelets. Who knew knitted bobble balls like that could be so much fun? They are felted, and now all I have to do is add the decorative stitching. It's gonna be very cute.

So do you think next Friday I could finish up Icarus? Time to pull out the old shawl percentage calculator and see how bad off I am.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Issues. I got 'em. Oh yeah.

I seem to have cast-on-itis. I know that isn't a word. Saturday I cast on for the pick up sticks daffodil kit. I also got the blooms bracelet kit. I finished the daffodil and would show you a lovely picture, but I left it at my LYS.

I did finish the 1st Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. It's really pretty. It's also at the LYS.

I cast on this morning for a Monica from knitty out of some long-held cotton ease. It's going really quickly. Especially since cotton-ease knits up at 4 spi.

Did I mention that I have issues? I'm absolutely dying to cast on for the blooms bracelet. Dying I tell you.

I'm a few repeats away from finishing my version of the Happy socks. Well, only the first one. I seem to have contracted a BAD case of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Bad.

Things I'm insanely close to finishing:

Baby Cardigan - only needs buttons
Perdita - only needs buttons
Ball Band Dishcloth - needs like one more repeat

I really need to get my knitting ducks in a row. Quack.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Secret Goodness

More later. Too pooped to blog.