Sunday, October 30, 2005

Socktober Madness

Socktober Madness Part One.

They didn't offer navy in the palette, and I didn't want to mix and match yarns, so I opted for a medium charcoal gray. And then I thought I'd do the petal color (the coral-y pink) instead of the green. Not a bad mix I think.

Socktober Madness Part Two

This is where I'm not sure it's gonna work. The blue is fine. The "tan" evens works as a dark cream. But the green just seems way to bright. So my idea is this. I swap out the green for the petal from above, and do the socks in cream, blue, and petal. What do you think? And then the "relax" socks get worked with a charcoal background and the rest of the colors as pictured.

Natural light is hot.

It's only seventy-five. But standing out on my tiny balcony in jeans and a black 3/4 sleeve sweater I wore to church this am, the sun beating down on you produces some serious heat. And I did this all for you. All for you, my faithful readers. I thought I'd try to show you some true colors. It worked. Well, sort of.

First up, Knitpicks Shadow in Oregon Coast to work up the lovely Mary Jane.

This picture still doesn't do it justice. It's a grey heathered yarn, with all sort of pretty flecks in it. I think the Mary Jane will be just lovely. Although I need some new needles for it. It uses three types of size 6 needles. 16" circs, 32" circs, and dpns. I'm tempted to hope that I get gauge on size 5, because at least with that, I have two of the specified types. Oh well.

Next up, wool of the andes for the Market Sqares Bag.

Two problems. I read "hush" as "blush" and thought it was pale pink. It's not. It's hush and it's pale lavendar. But I can work with that. I'm not sure the tulip is gonna fly. It's screaming zonkers magenta/fuschia. I'm tempted to edit the pattern to not include the fifth color. I also had an idea to whip up a striped or entrelac bag of my own that would be perfect for church, to carry a bible, a small wallet, a pen, and a lipstick - you know? Don't know yet about that.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Four and a half inches of pleasure...

Sorry. I couldn't resist. Have I made much progress on my toe-up socks? Well, not really. Am I subjecting you to more pictures of my glorious toe-up socks? Well, of course. Do my amazing splendiferous toe-up socks fit my feet? Well, yes, yes they do.

Tonight, apparently, I have to go to Boy Scouts. So I guess I will get more work done on the sock. Maybe tomorrow you'll be blessed with a picture of a heel! :p

(And I know I opted for free shipping, which might take 5-14 days, but dangit, I want my knitpicks yarn now!)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I refuse to give up.

I have lost count of how many times I have casted on for socks using this knitpicks hydrangea. Lost count, I tell you. But I joined Socktoberfest, and dagnabbit, for once I'm actually gonna follow through on one of these knitalong jobbies.

Last night I cast on for Wendy's Toe Up socks in you guessed it, knitpicks sockgarden hydrangea. Please cue the applause as I have taught myself yet another technique -- the provisional cast on. I had a lot of trouble visualizing how the toe was gonna come together when I started out knitting it straight. But then I realized what I really needed to do was STOP THINKING! I think too much, I overanalyze things, and then I screw myself up. Let us not forget the #19 frogging experience.

So I stopped thinking, and I just followed the directions. And it worked. And how. And now I have 3 inches of toe up socks on the needles! And crap a duck, it looks like they are gonna fit. (Yes I realize that I am the only person in the history of the world who uses "crap a duck" as a pseudo curse word/phrase - shaddup!)

No. You cannot have my oh so cool Scooby Doo mousepad. It's precious to me. Precious, I tell you. And so is my really big scooby mug & saucer set. And all of my mystery machines. And the stuffed pillow on my futon.

Um, that would be just a photo of the scooby stuff that sits on my desk. Aren't you jealous? Oh, and this week on Cartoon Network they are running a bunch of newer animated Scooby movies. Aloha Scooby Doo anyone? Yeah I know. Now I'm just embarassing myself.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I do have an excuse...

My mama was here. We had a wonderful time. I gave her my clapotis for her birthday. So it's gone.... (please observe a moment of silence...)

So what am I up to knitwise? Good question. Well I totally surrendered to the spirit of Socktoberfest. And I cast on for some lovely lacy rib socks in that knitpicks hydrangea that I've had for awhile.

Do you see the problem? Maybe not. Lemme give you a clue. There is something(s) missing from this picture. Oh yes. Now you see it. There are no needles in this picture. Because I pulled them out. Because these lovely socks are not gonna fit my size 9/10 feet. I should have known that. The pattern states a woman's size medium. But in my mind I wear the same socks (size 5-9) that everyone else does, so I didn't need to size up. No sirree bob. But they aren't gonna fit. And I'm too selfish to give that pretty yarn away. So I will be recasting on (again) for something with this yarn. The lacy rib is lovely, but the purl stitches are too prominent when it's stretched out. Plus it's slow, slow, slow knitting. At least for me.

Does that sound like total surrender to the spirit of Socktoberfest? Of course not. But Saturday night I spent about 3 hours picking out just the right shades of palette to knit fair isle and combo intarsia/striped socks in. Which will arrive sometime in November. Good move Corrina. Oh and let's not forget how many pairs of successful socks I have completed. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I also bought Wool of the Andes to do the Market Squares bag in shades of pink and grey. And some shadow in Oregon Coast to do the Mary Jane Cardigan. Four projects for $32.83. Amazing.

Wait. Here's some more project pictures.

My rogue cardigan. The back is finished, and I'm working on one of the side panels. Splitting up the cable pattern on the neck is turning out a bit harder than I anticipated. But I'm plugging along.

The linie scarf. Yarn picked out for my sister, who likes blues, especially turquoise. Simple garter stitch skinny scarf. I tend to hate fun fur/novelty yarns, but this one is actually quite pretty and very soft. Of course it's 10.95 for less than 100 yards, so that might be part of it.

That's all for now folks. I have to cut out 22 foam craft masks for the fall festival this evening.... when I'd really rather be knitting.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just in time for Grandma...

The camera has been found. Which is good, because I've been stressing over it. After I do this update, it's back to crazy cleaning mode so that everything is just so for her visit.

That would be the first few rows of my Socktober sock - Holly's Socks. It's an easy lacy rib pattern, but it was made up with sock garden in mind, so I'm hoping they will turn out all pretty. I'm using knitpicks sock garden in hydrangea, which was a gifty from my knitty sp4. The pattern recommended 2.5 mm needles (size 1.5?) but I got gauge on my size 1's which are 2.25 mm, so that's what I'm using.

Do you see the lovely walnut heather background for my sock start? That's my gorgeous rogue. The picture below shows the top of the left cable panel and the armpit shaping that I've got going. Just what you wanted to see, huh? Armpits. I've got about 90% of the back done. A few straight rows and then the neck shaping to go.

And as much as I would love to go blog jumping and lavish love and commments on all you knitting bloggers, I've got to go. There are yellow rubber gloves waiting for me in the kitchen.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

MCR - Missing Camera Report

I'm not sure where it is. I vaguely remember trying to take more pics of Rogue in natural light and cursing the fact that I couldn't seem to get good pics, but now I can't find it. Maybe all the cursing scared it away. I really need to find it. My mama will be here on Wednesday and I need a lot of boy/grandma/papa pictures. A lot.

I think I love rogue. I just finished chart A, so I'm ready to divide 'er up! I dropped a stitch in the selvage on the front, but I did some fancy yarn work and secured that puppy right up. The cables look pretty decent - even before what I hope will be the washing that makes them "bloom".

It looks the fit will be just right. I'm starting to get a tad nervous. I've never done sleeves, much less a fancy-pants cabled hood. And oh, yeah, I've never done knitted on i-cord either. The cardiganizing instructions say that you should pick up 2 out of 3 stitches along the front edge for the i-cord. But they also say to slip the first stitch for a nice selvage. So have I screwed up the 2 out of 3 idea? I don't know. It's too late to stop slipping stitches.

Why am I stressing myself out over this? I think I just need to plug along and not worry about it.

I got the new KnitPicks catalog. Except for the scary twirl and the equally scary novelty yarns I want everything else. Especially the shadow to knit that adorable Mary Jane cardigan. And that's such an affordable project.

And in the scary category I watched Knitty Gritty on DIY today. They knitted skirts. A horizontally striped skirt? Um, ok, whatever. A mottled black & grey fun fur skirt? For the love of Pete!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rogue is slow going...

But the Cascade 220 is so dreamy and easy to work with. And on the addis... *swoon* Who knew I could feel this way about knitting?

I'm gonna settle in with her here in a few minutes for a nice evening of knitting and drinking girlie beers. I'm hoping that copious consumption of girlie beers might help me sleep tonight. Either that OR there are some prescription sleeping pills that I've been saving for emergencies. But I think this constitutes an emergency. I haven't slept for more then 3 hours a night in I'd say 6+ weeks.

This morning after being up since 2:42 I headed for our bathroom around seven to get ready to face the day. While in there I spotted a roach. Or some psychotic roach hybrid. I sprayed him with the mildew cleaner and the mofo flew right at me. Since when do roaches fly? Do roaches fly? I screamed bloody murder and of course woke up the man. Who was none too pleased since he had about two minutes left til his alarm went off. So he decided to show his ass and throw a tantrum about me stealing his last few precious minutes. He's a hard man to sleep with. Which isn't helping my insomnia any. So I broke down and started bawling about missing 6 hours of sleep every night. He told me to go to a sleep clinic. *grrrrr*

So since we are in a state of emergency, we will be doing something tonight to encourage sleep. Wish me luck.

ETA: If you were wondering if I'm reading your blog, well the answer is probably yes, yes I am. I updated my sidebar with the list of blogs I actually do read. And I do read them. Every time they are updated - unless bloglines is showing it's ass. And if I'm not reading your blog? Throw me a bone honey! If you comment on me, I seek you out!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Frickin' frackin' internets

I had a lovely post about my Rogue here. Let's see if I can recreate it. Otherwise the keyboard might be getting the bamboo under the spacebar torture treatment.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by burping internets, I'm a follower. And the next project for this lemming is Rogue. Yes, I know it's a year late. I've been loving it for awhile, but I really need a cardigan for a Floriday style winter "coat". And steeking really skeered me. But then I found the cardiganizing directions. And there were no excuses left for ole Corrina. Except the yarn excuse. I had been looking at yarns for awhile and couldn't decide. But then I went into my LYS and found this. Cascade 220 in color 8013, Walnut Heather. And just enough skeins to make my sweater. It was fate. Fate, I tell you.

So here's my progress on Rogue thus far:

I did the ribbed hem instead of the twisted. I didn't want to deal with the bias in an open front sweater. I only did four rows as well. I thought the 12 row hems were overkill. I knitted the hem right up into my sweater. I did do a turning row. I think the purl bumps make a nice finished bottom.

The cables are not super hard, but the increases used to begin the closed loop cables were a little tricky. But I figured it out.

I realize it's still in the high 80's here. But soon, soon I tell you, the temperature will begin to drop. And if it goes under 60 (gasp!) I will have my Rogue at the ready. Of course all the other thin-blooded folk around here will be in down coats, hats, mittens, and scarfs at the sign of sub-60 temps, but we just laugh at those people. Laugh at those people in my stylish lemming sweater.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Net break....

There won't be much net time for me in the near future. This week, every morning after I take the boys to school I get to go "feed the dogs". This entails at least an hour of round trip driving plus the actual feeding etc. Because it's such a long trip (and gas prices are so high) I will only be going once a day. So I really need to spend at least a good hour there letting the dogs play outside, giving them belly rubs, etc. I really, really wish my sister lived in my neighborhood. Then I could have just stayed over.

We have 27 other things to do this week as well. Soccer practice, special stuff at church. And I get to prepare for the camping trip. Yes, my entire family is going camping. It's the cuboree! Aren't you jealous? Two nights in a tent in Florida. It might be very hot. It might just monsoon. But of one thing I'm sure. There will be bugs. And not just "Eek! A daddylongleg!" type of bugs. Nope. There will be bugs that will bite. The new hole in the ozone that you will hear report of come Monday? That will be due to my abuse of bug spray.

I do think I might get some serious knitting time in while hanging at my sisters. At least I hope to. I also would like to get in a few extra volunteer hours this week at school. But we'll see how that goes.