Friday, October 28, 2005

Four and a half inches of pleasure...

Sorry. I couldn't resist. Have I made much progress on my toe-up socks? Well, not really. Am I subjecting you to more pictures of my glorious toe-up socks? Well, of course. Do my amazing splendiferous toe-up socks fit my feet? Well, yes, yes they do.

Tonight, apparently, I have to go to Boy Scouts. So I guess I will get more work done on the sock. Maybe tomorrow you'll be blessed with a picture of a heel! :p

(And I know I opted for free shipping, which might take 5-14 days, but dangit, I want my knitpicks yarn now!)


Allison said...

What great colors in that yarn! Seeing sock progress is always fun - isn't Socktoberfest a great inspiration?

mamma said...

Your sock looks great. I just ordered more hydrangea to make replacement socks for the girls, but I might be stingy and keep it for me, your socks look so good.

I ordered some yarn from knitpicks on tuesday and it was in my mailbox on saturday. Hope your yarn comes soon.