Saturday, August 25, 2007

Seeing Red.

My husband has been home on vacation on all week, while I've been working at the yarnstore. Somethings are hard to find.

Like camera batteries. And all of my comfy undies. This is *not* because he's done something odd with them. (I hope). This is because he has decided to be helpful and put things away for me.

I started my tilted duster in the red mahogany malabrigo. I have a very cute picture of strongman modeling the now-seamed back and fronts. I can't upload it due to lack o' batteries. Same with the picture of the red yarn I kool-aid dyed this evening.

Strange thing, this kool-aid business. I've done it before. And the package per ounce thing worked fine. I dyed 100g or roughly 3.5 ounces of yarn. I used SEVEN packets of red kool-aid. There are *still* unsaturated places. I started with 3 packets and added 4 more. I can't stomach the idea of going back to Publix yet again.

My cherry red Katherine Hepburn cardigan is stalled. I made some mistakes in the sleeve increases. So I kind of need a do-over. And I haven't the heart to rip it out. Yet.

I also spiffed up a totally cute hat in some pink lemonade colored poems. Only seven more hats to go. Yes, seven. Don't ask.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sometimes the wrong side is so right!

Ahhh... colorwork. I've only tried intarsia once in the past, to quite disastrous results. But I decided to give it another go. With the Tomato. I cast on last week, and that sweater is fast like whoa. But I digress. I have beautiful pictures to show you:

It is not a Tomato, it is a chocolate covered pecan. Cocoa and Butter Pecan Main Line from Knitpicks. Overall, I don't *love* KP yarn, but this one is very nice. It's a true worsted cotton/merino blend and it's round and sproingy. But wait, look at the wrong side:

I am so proud of myself. My floats are all even and happy. And since I taught myself continental the weekend before last, I was able to do it two-handed. It worked so nicely. Now I want my next project to be fair isle. That or a malabrigo tilted duster.... (A girl can dream).

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What you get for the money

Yesterday I had on a severe case of cast-on-itis. Which might interfere horribly with the whole "less than ten" master plan. But then Kim reminded me that crochet projects don't count. Of course I finished the crochet hotpad in a couple of hours, but still. So here is what I did yesterday....

50 grams of mainline worked into the first five inches of a Tomato, which is a free pattern if you sign up for Knitting Daily. Personally speaking, I HATE it when they name designs after colors. Or things that have a definite color associated with them. What am I supposed to call this, a chocolate covered tomato? A rotten and festering tomato? I mean honestly. And then the bright orange hotpad. They call it a dishcloth, but it's really not big enough and the crochet makes it too thick in my opinion. Dude, I'm full of opinions today, aren't I?

And then we have the beauty projects.

Six inches of the right sleeve of the Katherine Hepburn Cardigan. This sweater is gonna be so lovely. And 2.5 repeats of #19, aka the dead bride. The lace has become a bit of a sore spot with me. I'm just bound and determined to beat this one. And I've never found a finished one online anywhere. It will be the club of me.

In other news, if I used to comment on your blog and stopped, please post a comment. For some reason gator purged ALL of my subscriptions. Which was half of my knitting blog-friends. I have the other half on bloglines. I need to go back and look through comments, but truth be told, I'm busy AND I'm lazy. A deadly combination if there ever was one.

Oh and if you're counting, I'm still only up to nine.