Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The UFO's are invading...

I swear, I had really good intentions for there to be pictures today. But life intervened! And life is more important than good lighting or getting my nails done. And my nails are a big fat mess.

So I joined UFO Resurrection. And we all know I have a lot of them. And so many things I'm dying to knit. Note to designers - stop. Stop for five minutes so I can catch up without having to be distracted by all the pretties. Everytime I turn around, there is a new pretty demanding my attention.

So my UFO that I've been working on in January is... the Sandy Cardigan. And it will be the 1st finished object of February. Really. It's so freaking cold here right now. Well cold is relative. And yes, this born and bred buckeye is freezing her patooter off in 42 degree weather. I'm such a wuss. So I need to finish this puppy up. It's lovely, it's warm, it's the envy of all my knitting friends.

Saturday night is midnight knitting, so I will take it and work on it. Like crazy woah work on it. Really. I will. I'll try. Really.

In other news if you can spare a prayer or a thought... some friends of ours just had a baby girl. Quite prematurely. She's only 1 pound 2 ounces? Is that even possible? I'm hoping that was a typo in the e-mail I received. I remember how tiny the boys seemed when they were born. And they were 9-1 and 8-8. I can't even imagine a baby that tiny. At dinner strongman remarked that the carton of sour cream weighed a pound. So unbelievable.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The perils of dieting...

So I went to the grocery on Sunday. Basically we were out of everything. So I stocked up. 3 bottles of the organic ketchup (no hfcs!) instead of one; double of all the basic ingredients like dried beans, etc. 100% whole wheat tortillas, pitas, breads, all the good, healthy food I need to follow our plan (YOU on a diet).

The cabinets are overflowing, the refrigerator is stuffed to the gills, and it makes me very happy. When I was single, I was freqently faced with a very empty kitchen. I did the best I could and fed my boys *way* better than I fed myself. But now, thanks to the man, there is always food in the house. Good, healthy food.

So why is it that all I want right now is a block of Ritter Sport? Target has them. For $1.89. And even though it's freezing (for Florida standards) I am so tempted to drive out there and get myself one.

What I really need to do is get over it and figure out what's for dinner tomorrow night and do some straightening. Ugh. Why is it so fricking hard?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Feet

And happy inspiration. I have this oh so lovely sweet tart sock yarn (Trekking XXL 134) and it needed the perfect pattern...

The toe is the "easy toe" from Sensational Knitted Socks. The heel will probably be from there as well. The pattern is modified from the lace pattern used on Magknits happy socks. Hers was a strange repeat (11 sts) and not carried on the foot. I have Mary Janes to show off cute foot patterning. In general, I've not loved self-striping or self-fair-isling yarn, but this is turning entirely too sweet. The trekking is not super soft though. Maybe it will wear like iron?

Monday, January 22, 2007

The post with no title.

I finally got some semi-decent shots of my parents' extremely late Christmas presents. So here you go...

And a picture with some detail...

The Irish Hiking Scarf, in Lamb's Pride Worsted, 2 skeins on size 8 addi turbos. This made a scarf just a bit longer than 6 feet. And the Embossed Leaves Socks from Winter '05 IK in Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Sierra. This yarn is delicious by the way.

I *think* I'm usually more eloquent in my posts but right now every fiber of my being hurts. My grandfather passed away. He was nearly 88. And I can't go home for the funeral. So yeah. That's about it.

Happier things later.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My hair is strong.

I know this because I just spent some very unpleasant time getting it out of my vaccuum cleaner. Untangling and other grossness. I hate this particular task. But until we can afford a new vac, I have to do this. Otherwise my vac has no suck-power.

I have to start blogging again. I joined the newest Knitty SP and with no blog, my spoiler will have nowhere to stalk. So I blog.

In the good news department, I finally finished my parents' Christmas presents. Now I just need to block them and mail them. Yes, I am a horrible daughter.

In the other good news department I got a very part time job at my most beloved lys. The 1st and 3rd friday of each month. I start this Friday. I'm pretty psyched.

And for the 3rd good news item, I found the perfect sweater for my Jaeger Shetland Aran yarn. Perfect! I swatched last night and it is beyond gorgeous. Just perfect. The Vogue Cabled Cardigan #19 from the Fall 2006 VK. What is it with me and #19?

Pictures coming soon. I swear!