Monday, March 26, 2007

Lack of natural light..

It's too late to take a picture of my beautiful fancy silk socks. I modified the pattern to 72 stitches and I lined things up better. They are coming out awesome.

In other news, I was denied admission to a knitalong. I went back to the yahoo page to see if I had missed something. You know, how some groups will have very specific things they want you to do when you try to join. Didn't see anything. The page doesn't say anything about it being "invite only" or "not accepting new members". In fact, 20 new members were accepted this week.

I'm perplexed. Did I do or say something to offend someone? Maybe. Although in general I try to be rather non-offensive. Or is it unoffensive? Maybe the fact that I don't know the difference has pissed someone off. Maybe it was a mistake? The e-mail said the decision was final. Although I must admit, I'd really like to know why. Even if someone just e-mailed me back to say f*ck off, it would be nice to know. So hey, if you're reading this and you know why I was denied admission to the "Vintage Socks Knitalong" drop me a line. Throw me a bone.

I think the general pissy-ness that I'm feeling regarding this means it's a very good time to back away from the computer. Midol anyone?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is feral the right word?

My husband has been gone less than six hours. The kitchen is um, littered with empty grocery bags. It's a quarter to seven and I have no idea what's for dinner. I have 70 plastic envelopes that need 20-30 worksheets counted out into them for tomorrow at 8am. And I have a 2 page paper on St. Martin & the Beggar due, along with a presentation for tomorrow. The envelopes and the papers should have been prepared days ago. The rest of it, I think, is the fact that without the man around, the boys and I are quite likely to just live like wild people.

And dagnabbit, I already have a chip in my manicure. That I got yesterday.

I had about 3-4 inches of Nancy Bush's fancy silk sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, but I had to rip it out. It would not go over my heel. Lorna's Laces doesn't really work on bigger needles, so I've modified the pattern. As soon as I have a few repeats in, I'll have a picture.

Not a picture of the kitchen of course, a picture of the sock progress.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MIA: Knitting Mojo, Mine

So today I took the boys to the park for a playdate with a bunch of other kids. We had a fantastic time. I packed my toe-up sock. You know, the one I'm working on for the class I'm teaching? Oh wait. Did I tell you about that? I finished one session of a toe-up sock class last Saturday. I need to have the heel flap finished by the next on April 7th.

I gave the sock away.

Let me repeat that.

I gave the sock away. The in progress sock. The Lorna's Laces Baltic Sea Shepherd Sport yarn on a size three 40" brand effing new addi needle.

I gave the sock away. Fortunately the person is gonna give it back. But the person is on the other side of town. I put the sock in a ziploc this morning, and put the ziploc in a paper grocery sack with handles. The sack that was full of scrapping supplies I had offered up on freecycle. I thought I had put it in the other sack. I was wrong.

So now my mojo is all confuzzled. I have that tank top for the shop to work on. I really need to whip that puppy out. But instead of working on that tonight, I scoured the internets for the perfect pattern for some long-neglected yarn. The beautiful terracotta Misti pima silk. I didn't find the perfect pattern. And now my neck hurts from sitting at the computer too long.

I think it's time to go to bed before something else bad happens knitting wise.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A little harsh...

This is boring life stuff, no knitting stuff. Forewarned is forearmed.

"I kinda hope she doesn't call back."

I typed that. Yesterday. And here is why.

In January of 2003 my divorce was final. A couple of months later a group of work-friends in Ohio had a girls only divorce party for me at my house. The ex-friend was the "ringleader". I started dating. The EF cheered me on. On Saturday, December 6th, I spent the day at EF's house scrapbooking. The man, who had watched the boys all day, picked me up, drove us downtown to the ginormous Christmas tree, and proposed. The EF was happy for me.

In the next month or so the friendship fell apart. I was in an extremely stressful position at work, and planning a wedding. All of the sudden I realized that I wasn't wanted in the group. I probably had missed it for awhile. I was totally overwhelmed. But when I called EF on it, the explanation I received was vague. The only part I remember is something about me complaining about my work when everyone on my project was getting all sorts of perks. Perks like pizza when you had to work til midnight for no OT. Like I said it was strange and vague. Some of it was about the man and the fact that I wasn't around anymore. But mostly I wasn't around because I was working in a separate building and never got to take lunch. And lunch was the biggest part of when we spent time together as a group.

The man and I got married. Only one in the group offered congratulations. Not the EF. Come April the man got the job offer here in Florida. About a week before we left I stopped in and talked the EF. We didn't speak of whatever had happened. I'd been close to the EF since 1998 when she threw my baby shower. So we had a final lunch and said goodbye on semi good terms. Since we moved here I've called every couple of months. She would always talk and chat, but never called me. I was lonely for such a long time here that I never noticed that.

When we went to OH in November of last year I called her beforehand. We were gonna do lunch. When I arrived in OH I called again and suddenly she had no time to see me. I offered a couple of days, but she was "busy". I understand busy. But no time I offered was good, and she made no effort to suggest a time. We went to the office, saw her in passing. The boys hugged her but she just looked at me like I was a stranger. I finally got the message.

So yesterday she calls. Nearly 4 months later. And this is why "I kinda hope she doesn't call back."

Saturday, March 03, 2007

And the beat goes on...

I think I might be getting sick. But for the love of all that is holy, I hope not. I have a cold sore and I'm losing my voice. I've missed nearly three weeks of classes. I'm still not sure how that will all pan out. Calculus I'm auditing, so I'll just catch up as fast as I can. Programming I'm golden so far, even though I've missed three weeks of lectures, I've gotten 100's on my last three programming assignments. But then there are the histories... Art & American. Art I might be able to still squeak out an A with extra credit. Vigorous extra credit. But I think I'm pretty well screwed in American History. It's so not my strong point, and I've already missed so many points. *sigh* I might have to drop it. But life goes on and so must I.

In other news, March seems to be "out of the woodwork" month. My ex-SIL who I used to be best friends with, but lost touch with for reasons other than divorcing her brother sent us her wedding announcement. And called. And then another ex-friend called today. The last I saw her was in Ohio when she didn't have time to even hug me hello. I wasn't home for the ex-friend. Which is good. I kinda hope she doesn't call back.

I must share that the women at my LYS are my lifelines lately. Whenever life is kicking my ass, all I have to do is pop in there to feel welcome and happy. And they are all so vibrant and happy and funny - oh man, it is one funny group of girls. The very worst part about considering this move to TX/NM is the fact that I would lose these people. It takes me so long to make friends. Oh well. Such is life.