Saturday, April 14, 2007

The tentacles of bad luck....

The tentacles of bad luck reached out and grabbed me. Yesterday, was of course, Friday the 13th. I don't believe in that nonsense. And I got through the day just fine, thank you.

Until I went hunting for my camera (which I found) and the last bag of knitting stuff I took to the store yesterday (which I did NOT find).

I threw a bag of knitting stuff away. My vera bradley notions case is gone. Along with some very precious notions and presents. And I can't remember all of the projects I took the the yarn store yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I threw away a couple of projects.

My husband is really good about taking the trash out. So that bag has already hit the dumpster. For a 13 building, 300+ unit complex. A dumpster that compacts everything very regularly.

Did I mention I live in building 13?


bunchkin said...

Oh no! That's a hard decision, let the knitting stuff go, or dive into who knows what. Me, I'd be diving in!

Segreto said...

Oh Rincaro, what a situation, I just wish it was your dead end projects that got tossed instead of your working projects, but on the upside, you have a husband who takes the garbage out regularly :)
Thinking good knitting thoughts for you!