Friday, December 23, 2005

So many bad ideas.

You know what's worse than too much risotto? Too much risotto followed 5 hours later by too many oatmeal scotchies. Oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips. Quite delicious. But oy, my stomach is killing me.

I am not making any progress on boy socks number two. I'm just out of oomph. And the man comes home early tonight. Or I should say today - he'll be leaving the office at 2pm, which means less knitting time for me.

So I will go take a shower, hope my bellyache subsides, and try to straighten up before he gets here.

But I leave you with this cuteness.

Who says acrylic yarn doesn't have it's uses? Yep, big brother is teaching lil brother (the dark haired baby) how to knit.


Karyn said...

you have the most adorable boys! besides from aaron they're the only male knitters i know. ;)

Jennifer said...

Yes, start them early. You'll make knitters out of them yet.

About the bellyache, drink several glasses of water. That helps me.

Lynette said...

that's so sweet!