Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not the year of the jaywalker...

I ripped it out. Again. I still don't understand this. Sometimes the 76 stitch version in sock garden on size 1 addi turbos is too big. This time the same version was too tight. Plus the ribbing was ruffly from the pulling in effect of the pattern. I give up on sock garden. I think I am moving on to pomatomus in this yarn. I think it will go nicely. I just can't stand the jaywalkers anymore. I don't understand how it works for everyone but me.

In other bad news, my making waves socks look like shit. They are crazy fuzzy. To the point that the texture is obscured. I guess the lesson from that is that superwash is a lie. A mad lie. At least in the case of these socks.

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mamma said...

Don't feel bad. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the jaywalker socks to work for me either. I think the pattern is inherently flawed, and everyone who produces a successful one is lying. (because it couldn't be my inept knitting skills could it;)