Thursday, December 29, 2005

Because he's cuter than me.

He kind of looks like a druid or something. A toothless druid that is. Were druids toothless? That boy will take any opportunity to show off his latest tooth loss. (The top one if you were wondering).

I finally finished the Rogue hood. Just two sleeves and a zipper and we'll be good to go. I made one mistake on the decreases, but I decided I did not care. Most of the time the hood will be down anyway. This was very good for helping me to better understand cables. I'm wondering though, should I block the body before or after I attach the sleeves. Guess I better read the instructions.

In other news, Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah is cute and amusing and quite good knitting fare.


Aaron said...

oh he is adorable! and rouge is so beautiful. i can't wait to make one for me! with my luck though, it won't happen until july or so, since we got a bunch of unexpected vet expenses this month. :/

ps. this is really karyn, but i'm too lazy to change the login, plus it provides a link to aaron's knit blog! he's very proud of it. check it out.

Jennifer said...

What a cutie! Rogue looks awesome as well.

mamma said...

That rogue looks amazine. Is it as soft as it feels?