Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not much knitting going on...

But I really need to finish up the boy socks. The boys are fulling expecting hand-knit socks under the tree. I have one of Justin's done. Jeremy's will be solid red and I'm trying to find a good pattern/texture for his. Thank God for little feet.

I've decided that 2006 is the year I will get skinny. And my motivation will be to knit things like this... Fat people just can't wear stuff like that. And I want to knit myself cute LITTLE stuff.

I had leftover birthday cake for breakfast. It's a good thing that it's still 2005.


Jennifer said...

It's so cute that your little ones fully expect handknit socks for Christmas! :)

mamma said...

I have long coveted the butterfly camesole. I'd rather have birthday cake for breakfast.

Good luck with the socks.

What did you end up wearing to your dh's christmas party?