Thursday, January 12, 2006

Frickin' frackin'....

Insert your own pseudo expletives as desired. Why?

A rogue sleeve (for my size) is 118 rows. At least. Once I get past the increases I might have to add a few rows for my gorilla arms.

I'm knitting both sleeves at once. I have 45 rows to go. It takes me 5-6 minutes to work a row.

Do the math.

It's gonna take me another four-five hours just to knit the sleeves. Let alone the blocking and the seaming. I just don't see that happening today. At all.


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turtlegirl76 said...

I would add my own expletive, but using my full range of expression on someone else's blog would probably get me banned for life. Or at least some really strange looks.

Hey, at least you're doing the sleeves at the same time. Imagine if you did one at a time and knew just how long a single one took? You'd be wishing you were shaped more like "management" on Carnivale.