Tuesday, January 31, 2006

fe, fi, FO, fum!

I *still* haven't figured out what to do for the Knitting Olympics. Although a recent look at my budget has helped me decide that it will be from stash. But as my training for the Olympics, I am trying to tie up all the loose ends per se. I'm shooting for a record number of FO's. (Ok, so record is a bit vague and subjective). I'm shooting for lots of FO's.

So we present, the third FO of the year... the "fashion scarf". Modeled by our favorite fashion model, PJ, aka my nephew, the son of the recipient. This is for my sister. And I *know* she won't let me snap a pic of her.

My sister picked out this yarn up in Fernandina Beach back in October when my mom was visiting.

Project: Fashion scarf aka cast on 12 stitches and knit every row til it's done.
Yarn: Online Linie 67 - label lost. The colorway is a mix of turquoise, blue, and navy.
Needles: Size 15 crystal palace circulars.

This yarn is actually very nice. I'm not a fan of novelty stuff personally, but it's very soft, and it has a pretty mixture of matte/shiny/furry. Did I mention it was soft? ;)


Karyn said...

wow, pj has gotten so big! and the scarf is actually pretty, despite my hate towards novelty yarns. it can't have been easy to pull that one of!

turtlegirl76 said...

What a vivid color! I like it!

Beth said...

That's not a Cookie Monster pelt is it?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I'm with you on the FO fest, pre-Olympics. Suddenly things are taking MUCH longer to finish. Scads of distractions. Oodles of other things to do. Housework, yanno?

Why is it I can successfully ignore my housework in lieu of normal knitting, but the second I have a goal and deadline, it LOOMS at me? That's what I wanna know.

Valerie said...

awwww, he's adorable!!!! oh yeah, the scarf is nice too. :)