Thursday, May 26, 2005

For the meantime... in between time...

I updated my sidebar with cute pics of all my WIP's, my FO's, and the projects just sitting there in my stash all forlorn-like. I'm gonna make a nifty page, but right now this is whatcha got. Here's a nifty review:

My passion right now is my clapotis. Being worked on lantern moon 8's with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Watercolors.

These gator mittens are a labor of love for my boys. Worked in different acrylics on size 5 and 7 dpns. This pattern is from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation. Notice on the snout of the later gator mitten how I used to purl before I learned properly. Um yeah, I need to whoop it up on those. My boys have been waiting for those forever!

This was bought long ago and far away at my first trip to my beloved LYS KnitWitz. It's just a simple garter stitch scarf worked in Splash fun fur on size 13's. But it's a bitch to knit. I had to frog the entire thing because I had subtracted and added so many frigging stitches.

This is my very first completed sock. From the book Knit Socks! the Starter Stockinette pattern worked on size 3 dpns in Cascade 220. This was very easy with the good instructions and pretty fun.

Soleil -I have started and frogged many, many times. But I’m still gonna do it. It will be worked in Elann Endless Summer Sonata in Mauve, on Addi turbos size six.

The man has been pining for socks. Now that I made a successful sock, I think I’m gonna jump ship on the first pair and start on these dress socks for him. The heavy ones won’t be useful for me for a while. And I’m hoping he will love these. Size one dpns and Opal fingering weight 100% wool superwash.

These are all the things I’ve finished since I started knitting around the first of the year, give or take….

Orange & Pink Booga Bag - fun and easy. I liked this one even better than the Noro version. Worked in Peace Fleece on 10.5 circular and dpns. Pattern here.

Knitty’s Branching Out - beautiful and fun. My first lace project was a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom, who loved it. For first-time lace makers though, don’t choose Rowan KidSilk Haze like I did. Choose something more froggable. Of course the beauty of this is the reason I’m working on a lace scarf of my own design. Stay tuned for that!

Sophie - Fun and easy. This is by the booga lady who designs cute bags. Done in peace fleece. Personally I think you need at least a skein and a quarter of this for the pattern, whether you use peace fleece or Cascade 220.

Booga Bag - Done in Noro Kureyon #95. Only took maybe 2 and a quarter skeins. Cute, but not as sturdy as my peace fleece version, and pilling very badly.

Messenger Bag - for my sister. Based loosely on the Meema tote from Stitch ‘N Bitch. Not my favorite project.

Meema Tote - Besides the evil marsupial pouch, this was fun. I carry it around all the time and always get compliments. Also made in (you guessed it!) Peace Fleece. I loves me some Peace Fleece!

Baby Hat - Done in Red Heart baby clouds. Cute but now I wish had done something snazzier for the baby who received it.

Baby Blankie - Matching blanket in same yarn. Using the pattern off the wall at Michael’s. This and the hat were my very first FO’s.

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