Thursday, April 07, 2005

cue the pointer sisters...

Singing "I'm so excited!" Stage left please.

After much anticipation, the new Spring knitty is up. I've been on the hunt for a pattern to do for myself. A tank or a summer sweater. And I have found it.

Soleil. Yes, I realize that she named it that probably because it was yellow. I can't wear yellow. Yellow makes me turn funny colors. I have nothing against yellow. But I think in a former life I must have sullied yellow's good name, because yellow does bad things to me. So....

I will be making the beautiful Soleil in the recommended Elann yarn in mauve. My first online yarn order. I almost ordered the needles as well, but I have a pair of the clovers in size 10.5 that I need to return to Jo-Ann's so I'll just exchange me thinks.

This is not gonna get my husband a pair of socks anytime soon.

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