Tuesday, September 06, 2005

You are not allowed to see it.

I will not post pictures of #19. I refuse. Because if I do, then I will screw up and have to frog it. Well not frog it, as much as trash it. Cause kid merino don't frog. But yay, I'm on row 27 of the 36 row lace pattern. And it seems to be coming along. It's slow, but it's gorgeous.

I'm also working on my hydrangea peaks & valleys socks. I'm on the heel flap right now, while doing a lot of Harry Potter audio. It's good. No real interest in my CE. Hmmm... maybe it was too pricey. Maybe I'm just supposed to keep it. I am selling a bunch of clothes on ebay though and it looks like that might net me a pretty penny.

In other news, it's perfectly normal to feel like you're 13 when the cute gym guy helps you plan your workout routine... right?


karyn said...

i constantly feel like i'm 13.

and if you really wanna part with your cotton ease, try the knitting community on lj or ebay if you haven't already.

and good luck. if i could afford it i'd totally buy some! cotton ease is just awesome.

Kitten said...

hey I have a question, should I have recieved the shine yarn by now? 'cause um I haven't and while it's not urgent I just wanna make sure the USPS didn't eat my yarn