Monday, February 26, 2007

February Lemonaide

Life has been handing me lemons. Broken arms, 105 (!!!!!) degree temperatures, flus, coughs, colds.... Lemme just tell you, the OTC cold and pain medicine folks are making a fortune off of me. Fastman is getting a motrin/tylenol rotation every three fricking hours to stave off the fever. I'm missing classes at an alarming rate. But life goes on.

Fortunately, there is some sugar. My secret pal has been spoiling me rotten. Two wonderful packages already and a steady stream of e-cards. Such a nice respite from the hell that has been February.

Despite the fact that my boys have been sick and broken, they are always joys. Right now strongman is digging out supplies to dress up like Zorro. And at the emergency room this morning, Fastman snuggled up and patted my arm like I was the one who was sick.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not counting the days til March comes.


Segreto said...

I hope your lemons turn around soon! I am glad I can bring a little bit of sunshine into your days! You have some pretty lovable boys in your house :)

Valerie said...

awwwww, that's sweet. Little boys love their mommy!

Batty said...

Time for nice stuff! I'm sending 'nice stuff happen around that house, or else!' thoughts your way.